About Us

Who We Are?

The Web Hosting Consultant is a group of dynamic professionals who will help you form a decision as to which hosting service should you opt for. We can offer our advice because almost every member of our team has worked in all the verticals of the hosting industry for more than 10 years. We know the web hosting industry in and out. We also know what you need and we wish to bridge the gap between you and hosting providers. This is among the main reasons that we decided to come together to provide unbiased reviews to help you choose the best web hosting service.

Why Do You Need Us?

It is quite difficult for a website owner to choose a hosting provider when there are a lot of companies and a lot of research is needed. One needs to analyze several aspects of a hosting package and doing it multiple times and for different companies. This eats up a lot of time and requires a lot of effort as you have to maintain a record for different services for comparison.

The task becomes even more difficult when you come across many providers who have sister companies offering almost similar services. It seems like a really hectic task and this is where we come in. We have deeply analyzed every hosting service from every vertical and we share our findings in the form of reviews.

Hosting is a very subjective factor when it comes to your website. There are several aspects involved in the hosting service as a package. With rising competition, the hosting companies are continually trying to offer extra services just to lure customers. Now, it all comes down to you for making a decision because you might not need those extra services in the first place. For example, if you already have an SSL certificate, you might not need it even if your hosting provider offers it for free. Similarly, there are several aspects depending on the size and nature of your business. It is very important to sort out your priorities and understand the difference between necessary and unnecessary features.

How Do We Do It?

When it comes to our reviews and suggestions, we purchase a hosting package in question and one of our experts analyzes all the aspects of the service. After that, we simply list every feature and perk offered by the hosting provider.  (You may only focus on the features that you are looking for in that particular review.)

Along with that, we also mention our unbiased opinion by judging all the aspects of the hosting package. However, we also provide our honest reviews on individual features. It is your job to understand the individual properties and whether they are useful for your website or not.

At The Web Hosting Consultant, we don’t just write reviews and forget about them. Instead, we have made it mandatory to keep updating these reviews from time to time. Once our experts have uploaded a detailed hosting review, it is recorded on our calendar. Our experts frequently check for changes and try their best to update accurate information. Although we try to be careful regarding the changes, we request you to check and verify the details on your own to avoid any confusion.

Our Parameters

You might wonder about the various parameters that we check a hosting service for. Let us innumerate all the aspects one by one:

Speed and Bandwidth

The first parameters are speed and bandwidth (the speed at which the website transfers data), because of their overall impact on the performance and ranking of your website. Besides, “what’s the point of a website that takes too much time to load or transfer data?” Even you would exit such a website. How could you let your users go through such inconvenience?


The next parameter is security. Just for a moment, imagine your website without any security. Yes, that’s what we are talking about. A website that is not secured is just like a vault full of gold without any lock.

SSL Certificate

We also check whether a hosting provider is offering an SSL certificate or not because let’s face it, most of the website owners need this certificate. (If you do not already know, an SSL certificate acts as a proof for visitors that the website is safe to use.)


Then we check for scalability. The main objective of any business is to grow and expand. This means that you might also need more bandwidth and storage in the future. For this, you might need to scale up your hosting package. We check how easily and affordably could you do so.


Pricing is yet another important factor. The price of any package should be in accordance with the budget that you can allot for hosting. Our experts analyze whether the service is worth the price that you are paying or there are other alternatives at cheaper prices.


Storage comes next in our list of parameters. Although this aspect is subjective and it depends on individual needs, we still analyze this feature to give you a better perspective.

Customer Support

Any hosting review could not be complete without a thorough analysis of the Customer Support System. It is one of our top priorities to seek support for random as well as tricky questions.

Overall Performance

In the end, we prepare a review based on the overall performance of the hosting service based on all of the above parameters.

We are a group of geeky heads doing our jobs passionately so you don’t have to do the hard work. Our unbiased reviews loaded with accurate information and hard facts will make it easy for you to compare between different service providers. Thus, you can easily choose the hosting that is the best for your website.