The Best Cloud Hosting Services in 2021

Cloud hosting is becoming an increasingly popular option for hosting websites. High reliability and awesome scalability are among the top reasons that it is majorly preferred by growing businesses and startups. Cloud hosting is an affordable yet highly-advanced option of hosting that is capable of handling a sudden boost of traffic without affecting the performance of the website in the slightest.
However, only the best cloud hosting service providers can successfully satisfy you. Therefore, it is suggested to short-list a few services and then choose the one that fulfills all your parameters. It is obvious that creating such a list will take time but you need not worry because we have covered all the hard work for you.

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Free Lifetime Domain Name
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Free Domain Name
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  • WordPress Staging/Cloning
  • SShield Cyber-security
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The Best Cloud Hosting Companies in 2021

Before we hop on to our list, let us first cover a few basics that you must know regarding Cloud Hosting. If you already know these details, you can still look at them at a glance.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Every website is hosted on a server. Most of the websites exist only on one server. However, the one we are discussing is different. Cloud Hosting is a service that operates through multiple servers instead of a single server. This offers a lot of benefits to the users like amazing scalability, high uptime, dedicated IP address, isolated resources, etc.

The main benefit is that if one server somehow collapses, the other bears the load. When your website is hosted on the cloud, there are loads and loads of features you can benefit from. It is time to have a look at those features in detail.

What is the Advantage of Cloud Hosting?

The cloud hosting service providers provide additional features along with the hosting services in order to lure more and more customers. This, in turn, results in multiple benefits for the users. Let us have a look at the top benefits of Cloud hosting:

Flexible Pricing Structure

Cloud hosting offers its users with the option of a pricing structure that is highly flexible. This means you do not have to worry about the affordability of the hosting service.

Easy to Scale

You get good scaling options when it comes to cloud hosting. In fact, the hosting can manage a sudden surge of traffic without affecting the performance of the website.

High Uptime

High uptime is guaranteed with Cloud hosting because if one server fails, the other takes its place and supports the website.

Fast Server Setup Process

This hosting ensures that you can easily set up the process within seconds.

High-Speed Website

Cloud hosting boosts the speed of the website and thus, enhances its performance. Having the fastest cloud hosting is even better.

How to Choose a Hosting Provider?

An awesome website requires a dynamic cloud hosting service provider. It is because people prefer coming back to a website that offers them a good experience. This mainly depends on the hosting service. There are a lot of companies that claim to be among the best Cloud hosting services but you need to consider the following factors to choose the best for your website:

  • Type of Cloud Hosting
  • The speed and bandwidth promised by the provider
  • Security features offered by the company
  • SSL certification
  • Scalability of your hosting package
  • Price of the package
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Customer Support

These are some of the basic but most crucial factors that should be kept in mind while making a decision. Let us discuss the importance of these aspects one by one:

Type of Cloud Hosting

There are mainly three different types of hosting (Public Cloud Hosting, Private Cloud Hosting, and Hybrid Cloud Hosting). The choice of hosting depends mainly on your needs and requirements. Let us discuss the main features of these hosting for a detailed Cloud hosting comparison:

Public Cloud Hosting

Under this hosting, multiple websites share the same server infrastructure. However, the virtual network of every website will be different. This web hosting is quite affordable and extremely reliable. Growing businesses can use this hosting service as an effective measure to cut costs while getting high performance and scalability.

Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting could be referred to as an upgraded version of Public Cloud Hosting. It offers similar features and benefits as Public Cloud Hosting. However, you also get several upgraded features like improved control, better customization, increased security, and more reliability.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting is a strategic combination of the private and public cloud hosting types in order to get the best of both worlds. It offers high scalability, customization, cost efficiency, security, and flexibility.


Speed is the major requirement of people. It is evident that the performance of a website is directly linked to its speed. If the pages of your website take too much time to load, people are bound to exit your website after a few attempts. It is also noticed that many users exit a website within a minute if it does not performs well.

This has a direct impact on the ranking of your website. When a user leaves a website quickly, the “bounce rate” (the percentage of visitors who leave the website after viewing just one or two pages) also increases. This has a negative impact on the reputation of the website and its rankings come crashing down. This is one of the main reasons that industry experts suggest to choose a hosting service that offers high speed.

The reason is simple:

People give preference to the overall experience. If your website offers that, they will become your loyal visitors. The fastest cloud hosting could help you with that.


The security of any website is a matter of high priority. A website without any security is like an open vault filled with gold. Hosting services also include a security feature. This is one of the main reasons that experts always suggest choosing a website with high levels of security.

A website with high levels of security also means that all the data of your website is safe and additionally the data of your visitors is also safe. The e-commerce websites are highly prone to security threats and therefore require the best cloud hosting for ecommerce.

SSL Certification

Have you ever noticed the lock in the address bar of your browser? It appears only on the websites that are safe to use for the visitors. You can get it for your website only if you have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for the site. This certificate or the small picture of a lock indicates that your website is safe to use and there will be no threats to the privacy or data of the visitors. Many top hosting services providers offer this certificate free of cost.

Do you know the importance of that small lock in your address bar? Try to answer this simple question: Would you ever visit a website with a pop-up message, “This website is not safe to use”? Of course, you will not visit a website that is not safe to use. An SSL certificate is the ticket building trust among users and keeping the rankings intact.

Scalability of Hosting

Cloud hosting services come with a high level of scalability. Whether you need cloud hosting for small business or for a well-established organization, the scalability quotient has immense possibilities. This hosting even has the capability to bear a tremendous increase in traffic. In addition, the performance of the website remains intact.

With a good hosting website, the possibilities are even better.


It is obvious that Cloud Hosting offers flexibility in prices like no other hosting. No matters what your budget is, you will always find a cost-effective hosting package within the amount you have. However, there is a catch. You have to set up a budget first. If you will just choose random cloud hosting services and then realize that most of them do not offer all the services you need in your budget, you will have to do it all over again.

To make the most of the money you invest, first of all, choose one type of cloud hosting service among the Public Cloud Service, Private Cloud Service, and Hybrid Clouds. When you decide on one of the three types, move on to choose the best provider.


In simple words, uptime is the period for which a website remains online. It is usually calculated in percentages. For example:

If a website remains live throughout every minute of the year, the uptime will be 100%. However, if the uptime is 90%, it means that your website was down for 36.5 days or 876 hours. Therefore, it is very important to choose a web hosting service that offers high uptime.

Maintaining a high uptime is crucial for online stores and therefore, the best cloud hosting for ecommerce should be chosen.

Customer Support

There are a lot of issues that website owners face on a regular basis. Sometimes, the issues are related to the hosting of a website. Sometimes these issues could even shut your website. Now, imagine that your hosting provider’s customer support is inefficient or maybe not available to take your calls.

This has happened to many website owners in the past and then they switched to a better hosting provider that offers 24/7 support to its customers. The best Cloud hosting providers hire a professional team of in-house support to deal with emergencies like these. In most of the cases, the queries get resolved within an hour.

Cloud Hosting Reviews

Go ahead and choose the best hosting service judging by the features that we have discussed from the list given above. We have also listed some of the best cloud hosting for small business. We wish you all the best!


  • Why is Cloud Hosting the most preferred choice for modern businesses?

    Cloud hosting offers the benefits of flexibility, scalability, high performance, and security. You get everything at the most cost-effective prices.

  • Is Cloud secure?

    Yes, Cloud offers a high-level of security. However, security also depends on the type of cloud hosting that you are choosing. Private cloud hosting and hybrid cloud hosting offer the most advanced levels of security.

  • Would I get a free SSL certificate with cloud hosting?

    It does not depend on the type of hosting but rather depends on the hosting provider. Most of the hosting companies offer it for free while some don’t include it in their package.

  • Which type of cloud hosting is the best?

    Every type of cloud hosting is good and it should be judged from the perspective of what a particular website requires. A blogging website might not require all the benefits of the Hybrid Cloud Hosting and similarly, a Public Cloud Hosting will not be helpful for a website with a huge amount of traffic. However, the best cloud hosting is Hybrid Cloud Hosting because it gives you the best of both worlds.