Best Linux Hosting Providers of 2021

Linux is one of the world’s most popular operating systems, thanks to its open-source platform. The operating system is free and highly flexible to use. The open-source system of Linux allows easy modification and redistribution of code without restrictions. And, as far as hosting is concerned, Linux is compatible with a multitude of tools and applications and hence has become one of the most widely used operating systems on the market. In fact, Linux hosting services are more economical compared to other hosting services. Read on to know more about Linux hosting and how to choose the best Linux server for web hosting for a strong online presence.

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Free Lifetime Domain Name
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Linux Hosting in 2021 – Choose the Right Hosting Service for Your Business

Windows is definitely a more popular name than Linux, but that doesn’t mean you should choose Windows over Linux. Remember that Windows is not the right choice for everyone. If you do some good research, you can see that Linux hosting is being widely used everywhere. There are multiple reasons why you should pick a Linux hosting plan for your business: It’s open-source, flexible, reliable, and is extremely cost-effective. However, choosing the right Linux hosting plan from one of the best Linux hosting companies listed in our comprehensive Linux web hosting reviews is crucial for the success of your online business.

Linux hosting – What You Need to Know

Sporting an open source operating system, Linux is the most popular among hosting providers. What do you mean by open source? Open source means it is possible to use, modify, and redistribute the source code freely. In other words, there are greater customization capabilities. It is this feature that makes web hosting providers choose Linux over the more limiting Windows platform.

Generally, when you shop for a hosting plan, you will have two choices: Windows and Linux. The type of hosting to be used alludes to the OS installed on your website server. Operating systems that are Unix-based such as Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu and CentOS power nearly 70% of all sites while Windows fills in the rest.

Linux hosting packages are usually cheaper because Linux, its server technologies and most of its supporting software are open-source programs. While there aren’t too many differences between Windows and Linux, Linux hosting seems to best fit the needs of most customers.
The platform you choose also depends on the languages you use to build your website. A Linux hosting plan is used for sites that use PHP and MySQL. On the other hand, Windows is a better choice if your site uses ASP, ASP.NET or MS SQL. For static sites that use CSS and HTML, either Windows or Linux can be chosen.

Well, you can see that when speaking about Linux hosting, it is impossible to restrain from comparing it to Windows

Linux Operating Systems – Know the Different Types

Unlike Windows and macOS, there are different ways in which the Linux operating system can appear on your hosting server. Linux is customized into different distributions in order to meet the diverse needs of users. Have a look at the most prominent Linux distributions:

  • Arch Linux
  • Debian
  • CentOS
  • Fedora
  • Linux Mint
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • OpenSUSE
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Cloudlinux

The best Linux server for web hosting can choose based on cost, support, ease of use and reliability.

Why Choose Linux Hosting?

  • Linux is open-source; therefore, it provides you with maximum control over the site’s backend. Besides, it is compatible with a massive range of CMS tools and other applications required to build a website today.
  • It is a cost-effective choice.
  • Dedicated Linux hosts offer exciting features including GIT and one-click script installations.
  • Linux is well supported by a huge user community. In other words, its technology is consistently upgraded, enhanced and fine-tuned to facilitate better performance.
  • The OS can be used on even old servers without any hassles.
  • Linux is easily customizable to suit the needs of most businesses.
  • Linux scales well, serving most purposes.
  • Incredibly flexible, Linux offers an assortment of features including a variety of options for databases, a range of control panels such as cPanel and Plesk, and multiple PHP versions.

 Linux Features:

While it is important to choose the right host from a handful of best Linux hosting companies, it is equally important to see if the technical details/features are in place before buying a plan. Here are some features you must consider when picking a dedicated Linux host:

  • Quality of the hardware and how compatible it is with your Linux software
  • Uptime rates of 99.9% or higher
  • Updated security features
  • Compatible software
  • Industry-standard cPanel that allows you to easily manage the server

Linux Hosting: Benefits:

1. Cost-effective

Since Linux is open source, you can easily access all the extra software you need to build your ideal operating system. Even cheap Linux hosting plans give you a variety of options and features to choose from. Hence, Linux hosting is an ideal choice for the budget-conscious.

2. Open Source platform

Linux happens to the only server that offers open source solutions to users. Open source means there is room for more innovation in your server space. You have full control over your website and you can build it the way you want it to be. Also, your website remains secure because vulnerabilities could be found and fixed easily.

3. User-friendly

Linux is a well-organized platform for modern developers. It is not a rigid OS like that of Windows and Apple. The modularity of Linux gives programmers the freedom to create their own solutions and play with the source code.

4. Quick load times & uptime

Lightweight applications and design run smoothly on Linux. As a result, the load times are quick. Besides, Linux doesn’t have a registry like Windows. So, it’s never sluggish.

5. Plenty of choices with complete control

As Linux is highly customizable in nature, you have total control over how the system turns out. Moreover, a great range of free software is available with Linux web hosting server. You can choose the tools and applications that best fits your site. With the plethora of options available in Linux, you can “mix and match” to build the OS of your dreams.

What to look for in a Linux host?

It is pretty natural to be carried away by the cheap Linux hosting plans you may come across. But, before you pick a plan, it is crucial that you check if the plan has all the features you need to handle your website and manage spikes in site traffic effectively.

Excellent Customer Service / Support

Find out if your prospective hosting partner provides you with free, round the clock customer support either via live chat, email or phone because most users are comfortable with real human assistance rather than an automated reply from the host. If you are new to hosting, ensure you get an organized set of help articles that can highly assist you while using the OS.

Guarantee on loading time / uptime

An important criterion to increase traffic to your site is making sure your website is not only always online but its loading time is super fast as well. Choose a Linux host that offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9% and above. Anything less means your customers might face a tough time accessing and remaining on your site. Eventually, they will seek faster sites and someone else gets your business.

Availability of necessary features

Before buying a plan, check with your Linux host if the plan you choose has been allocated sufficient bandwidth & disk space so that you can efficiently handle your website traffic. Also find if the plan’s developer toolkit encompasses all the features you require to build the website of your choice.

Find the Right Linux Hosting Provider for Your Site

Well, Linux hosting options are almost everywhere; hence, it is a daunting task to find the best hosting provider. Of course, the best Linux hosting choice depends solely on your unique needs. To start with, list out your specific requirements of an operating system. Then, explore our all-inclusive Linux web hosting reviews to get a clear picture of the ideal hosting provider for your business that best suits your requirements, budget and preferences.



  • How is Linux hosting a better choice than Windows?

    Linux hosting is cheaper compared to Windows hosting. Since Linux happens to be a free, open source platform, hosting providers need not pay a licensing fee to use Linux as the OS of their hosting server. Moreover, Linux is a great option for start-up companies.

  • Why is Linux Hosting different?

    Well, for a majority of people, Linux hosting is highly useful as it supports almost everything you need in your website, whether it is WordPress blogs or ecommerce sites. By using the cPanel, you can manage your Linux account and your website in any web browser. Linux hosting doesn’t demand you to know Linux to use it.

  • Why should I avoid free Linux hosting?

    Needless to mention, getting Linux hosting free of cost sounds cool. Practically speaking, web hosting companies that provide free hosting often disappear or they may introduce many limitations on your account. Besides, you may not get the best of security features, regular updates, and modern infrastructure with free hosting. Hence, you had better choose a dedicated Linux hosting provider that provides you with a complete package at a nominal fee.